Solar Pool Pump Pros and Cons

Using a solar powered pool pump is a practice that has grown in strength in recent times and can be seen to be a byproduct of the growing awareness about environmental problems and every individual’s responsibility to contributing towards the world ecological balance. Since these new inventions and devices that are replacing age-old systems also come with a host of other advantages they are often not only an environmentally safe but also a practically sound choice to make. Solar pool pumps are one such trend and while it makes sense to install these devices at home since most people tend to use the pool only during the summer months, it is still important to weigh the pros and cons of these devices carefully before adopting them.

Pros of Using Solar Powered Pool Pumps

The advantages of using pool pumps running on solar power are many and varied. They range from environmental benefits to economical ones, from factors such as easy installation to those of greater outputs and enhanced safety; the benefits of using solar powered pool pumps for use in the home are numerous.

Benefit 1: Environmental Advantages

Solar energy is being hailed as the solution to all problems of exhaustible sources of energy and being a clean, limitless and replenishing form of energy it is undoubtedly environmentally friendly. Using solar pool pumps does not create harmful waste materials, does not tap into nonrenewable sources of energy and does not use fossil fuels and it makes use of a source that is freely and limitlessly available through the day. By adding a pump in the house, every family can do its bit for the environment.

Benefit 2: Long-term Costs Reduced

Solar pumps have negligible maintenance needs and hence do not add to the cost of household expenses. What’s more, since they require rare repair or upkeep they only need to be installed and this can help to reduce expenses in the long run. Since one does not need to purchase a fuel to run these, there are no functioning costs either.

Cons of Using Solar Powered Pool Pumps

While the advantages of solar pool pumps are undeniably attractive, there is a flipside to the device, even though it tends to pale in comparison to the benefits. Disadvantages of solar pool pumps include a heavy startup cost, need for rewiring home systems in many cases, weather fluctuations affecting the performance of the device and common incompatibility with existing pool filtration systems.

Disadvantage: Heavy Initial Investment

Even though these systems are easy on the pocket in the long run, the initial cost and setting up is often expensive and cannot be undertaken by everybody. Most state governments do offer tax rebates and other financial incentives to promote the use of solar devices but these often don’t cover the cost and installation which tend to be very steep since these devices are not the primary product in a market that is still dominated by conventional electric pumps.