Solar Roof Vent: Where to Install Them Solar Roof Vent: Where to Install Them

A solar roof vent can be a major cost saver. Vents can lower attic temperature by up to 30 degrees and save energy that would normally go towards powering an air conditioner. Solar roof vents work on the same principles as electric vents, but use no electricity.

Not only does a solar roof vent save you money in heating and cooling costs, but it also protects the home. Air must be able to move in the attic of your home. If the air cannot move freely, then humidity and moisture can form leading to mold and other bacteria.

Positioning solar roof vents requires a little planning.

Take the Measurement of the Roof

A typical solar roof vent can move air about 800 cubic feet. Large homes can require multiple vents.

Clear Any Shady Areas

Solar vents take energy from the heat of the sun. If you have large trees overhanging your roof, the vents will not get the heat they need. Clear any obstacles to direct sunlight.

Install in Direct Sunlight

Take a look at your roof and find the spots where the sun shines directly. Install the solar vents at these spots.

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