Solar Tube Installation Tips Solar Tube Installation Tips

Installing a solar tube in your home is an excellent way to improve lighting and save money on your energy bill. If you are planning on installing a solar tube, here are a few tips to help with the process.

Investigate Your Attic

A solar tube is installed from the roof line, through the attic and down into the ceiling. The tube should be located in a place that avoids electrical wires, plumbing, heating ducts and other obstacles. The solar tube light should be positioned between ceiling joists and roof rafters.

Choose a Solar Tube the Is the Right Size

Solar tubes come in several different sizes, ranging from relatively small (only 1 foot wide) to very large (several feet across). Depending on where you plan to install the tube in your home, you can provide very targeted lighting or you can flood the room with a broad swath of natural light. Before choosing a solar tube, conduct some research about solar tubes and natural lighting.  

Use an Assistant

Although smaller solar tubes can be installed by without help, larger tubes will need the help of an assistant. While in the attic space, knock on the ceiling space at potential locations for the solar tube and have your assistant decide if that place is an appropriate site on the inside of the house.

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