Solar Window Screens vs. Window Screens Solar Window Screens vs. Window Screens

With some investigation you will find that there are a lot of benefits to installing solar window screens instead of the normal window screens that you and I grew up with. There are many fine points to having a solar screen over a traditional one, the most important being the solar reflection they provide.

Sun Refraction

Solar window screens are more effective than window tinting, and reduce your summer cooling costs by nearly 50%, unlike traditional ones. This type of screen is specially designed to block out sun rays before they can even hit the glass, preventing the windows from heating or sweating. This effect works without you loosing visibility through your windows and your views, unless you want darker ones to add more privacy.

Sunfire Protection

Another thing solar window screens offer that normal screens don't is sunfire protection, which cancels out the glare that comes from walking into an all window room filled with natural light. There is no glare in your eyes and you are not forced to squint your eyes while being in the room.

The Science behind the Screen

Without using solar window screens, a window is exposed to 230 BTU per square foot, causing heat transfer through the windows glass. This will cause your air conditioning to work harder during hot days, to keep your home at the correct temperature.

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