Soldering Torch vs Soldering Gun

Using a soldering torch or a soldering gun is in principle rather similar. However, there are a number of differences which may make one tool better than the other in some aspects and for some jobs.

Heat Level

When the heat level required is substantially high, than it is often recommended to make use of a soldering gun rather than a soldering torch. A soldering torch also produces a lot of heat, and is suitable for projects such as soldering copper, brass and bronze fittings and pipes. It is best to choose which one to use depending on the level, strength and resistance of sealing required since at the end of the day any soldering tool’s aim is to make the two parts fit tightly to each other. 

Type of Application

Deciding whether to use a soldering gun or a soldering torch also depends on the type of application. Since a soldering gun has a trigger style and a sharp tip it is often recommended for projects which need soldering to be carried out in a slightly inconvenient position or when intricate work is needed, such as in automobile bodies and stained glass assembly. However, having said that, a soldering torch can also be found in a variety of sizes and its tip can be made subtler to fit inconvenient jobs. In fact very small and handy soldering torches are used mostly for jewelery jobs. These are sometimes called mini torches and often feature an extendable and adjustable nozzle to allow it to get into the minor details and tiny parts which require soldering in the particular jewels.Soldering torches are also widely used to solder copper pipes, as in these cases an open flame is usually required, and most soldering torches allow this.

A soldering gun, on the other hand, is more suitable for larger scale projects, which often need quite large parts to be melted and joined to each other. This obviously requires very high temperatures and a soldering gun manages to give a faster heat-up. A soldering gun is also recommended in electronics and electrical connections since the tip can be adjusted since it can be in the form of a wire loop.

Safety Issues

Regardless of the type of soldering tool you will use it is crucial to keep in mind that they are all dangerous if not handled with great care and if safety precautions are ignored. After all they all produce a very high temperature, so much so that the heat managed to join 2 or more metal parts to each other by melting the material and fastening them together like a sealer. It is important to exercise great caution, read instructions and wear gloves and protective goggles and garments. It is also recommended to keep a fire extinguisher at hand just in case.

By keeping in mind these basic tips and characteristics one can better understand the function of each tool and use it better, depending on the type of job.