Solid Bridging

Solid bridging are the pieces that are put in between the floor joists so that they don’t twist and warp. Installing solid bridging is easy, and it’s a project that won’t take very long. Before you begin, make sure you have all of the materials you need to complete it.

Step 1

Measure out the distance from one floor joist to another. You will also have to measure how tall the floor joists are.

Step 2

Use your measurements to cut out squares of wood about 1” thick.

Step 3

Nail in the solid bridging at regular intervals into the floor joists so that they make a narrow bridge from one joist to another.

Step 4

Nail in the rest of the solid bridging to make adjacent parallel lines across the floor joists.

Spacing out Solid Bridging

Use a measuring tape to make sure you are placing the solid bridging in the right places. Sometimes people crisscross the bridging so that it is easier to install and a little more stable. Just make sure you put the piece an inch over from the other, and the piece following that should go an inch in the other direction. This way, even though they are not in the exact same spot, the solid bridging stays in a line.