Solid vs Laminated Parquet Tiles

Parquet tiles are small tiles that are made of narrow slats of wood held together with wire to form a pattern. These types of floors provide  a wood surface with a unique tile look. These can be beneficial because they are inexpensive when compared to other wood flooring and you can install them in a pattern. This type of flooring comes in solid and laminated parquet tiles. Here are some of the things that you should consider when trying to decide between solid or laminated parquet tile.


One of the biggest differences between solid and laminated parquet tile is in the way that it is constructed. With solid parquet tile, they use solid pieces of wood and then attach them together with a mesh or wire backing. This means that you are dealing with full pieces of wood.

Laminated parquet tile is constructed differently. The middle of the parquet tile is usually constructed of pressed wood. They use leftover pieces of wood such as sawdust and then press them together very tightly with adhesive. On top of that, they will put a type of contact paper that has a digital image on it. The digital image is designed to look like real wood. On top of the image layer, they will put a hard walking layer that is very similar to plastic.


Another area in which these two types of parquet tile differ is the cost. In most cases, you will be able to purchase laminated parquet tiles at a cheaper price than you will be able to purchase solid parquet tile. The reason behind this is in the cost that it takes to manufacture the products. With laminated parquet tile, they can use leftover pieces of wood to make the core.

Solid wood, does not offer this same luxury. Instead, whole pieces of wood complete the parquet. Whole pieces of wood are always going to be more expensive than sawdust and wood leftovers. With laminated parquet, they will have virtually no waste, so they can be more efficient with the materials that they buy.


Both of these types of parquet tiles are extremely durable. Once you get them installed properly, they will both last for many years into the future. One of the differences between them is how they stand up to scratches and dents. When you are dealing with solid wood parquet flooring, you are going to have a much softer top layer. Wood is a natural product and it is soft. Therefore, whenever you walk across it with high heels or drop something sharp on it, there will be a possibility of it scratching or denting.

One of the big benefits of going with laminated parquet tile is that it is less susceptible to scratches and dents. You are dealing with a hard plastic walking layer that does not allow small things to penetrate easily. This means that over the years, your laminated parquet tile is going to look newer longer when compared to the solid wood parquet floor tiles.