Sound Deadening Sound Deadening

Sound deadening is great for homes that are close to roads or highways. Sound deadening blocks out noise from coming into your home. The majority of this sound travels in through your windows and doors, but making special sound deadening curtains can help you block it out.

• Step 1: Choose the type of fabric you would like for your curtains.
• Step 2: Choose a synthetic material to be used on the back of the curtains to block out the sound. Synthetic materials work better than cottons for this.
• Step 3: Cut out the material so it will be at least long enough to cover the window, remember to leave extra material for seams along the edges and to make a band to hang it with.
• Step 4: Fold the edges of the material inside and sew them together.
• Step 5: On the top side of the curtain, fold the fabric down again about two inches and sew it.

Sound Deadening Your Room

There are ways for sound deadening your room to keep the sound inside. For example, you can put in carpet or cover the walls with drapes and canopies to keep the noise from traveling outside it.

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