Soup Cooker

Often priced up to $500 or more for commercial-grade units but far less for home models, a soup cooker is a countertop appliance dedicated to the preparation of soups and stews. Rather than use a range stovetop to prepare a pot of chili, split pea or other soup, consider adding a soup cooker to the kitchen. Fully insulated and fast heating, soup cookers work like slow cookers in that one simply has to place the ingredients in the cooking insert, set the time and temp and walk away.


Soup cookers feature a removable, multi-quart insert pot, commonly constructed out of durable, clean stainless steel or rugged anodized aluminum. Stainless steel is completely non-reactive, so flavors are never ruined. Aluminum heats fast and evenly. Powered by standard 120-volt electricity, 800 Watts is a typical output for these small appliances. The units also feature full thermostatic control, electronic controls, timer and auto shutoff.


Select soup cookers feature preset programs, automatically setting times and temps depending on the meal. Use the soup cooker not just for soups and stews, but for rice, meat and other meals as well. In addition to the base unit, included are the insert cooking pot and cover. Some manufacturers include a ladle as well, providing everything you need to cook and serve your favorite soups.