Designing Your Bathroom Spa Designing Your Bathroom Spa

Remodeling a bathroom into a bathroom spa will bring you years of enjoyment while boosting the value of your home. Consider the following points while you are designing your spa.

Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere and Mood

It's important to conceptualize the overall mood you want your bathroom spa to convey. Create a personal retreat, and achieve it by choosing colors and materials that induce a sense of calm. Avoid bright, loud colors that demand too much attention. Warm, neutral, and dark tones are more relaxing.

While your bath tub is the centerpiece of your bathroom spa, you must not compromise the functionality or design of the remaining space. Make the room as consistent as possible. Everything should be styled to match the atmosphere.

The Importance of Subtle Lighting

Lighting is also one of the most important elements to consider. If your lighting is too bright or stark, it will make the whole room seem harsh. You won't want to unwind under lamps that feel like a doctor's office. The best lighting simulates a generous candle.

Quiet lighting is the goal. Achieve a quiet effect by spreading the lights evenly throughout the room. Another way to create quiet lighting is to point your lights upward to allow the light to reflect from the ceiling.

By carefully planning your bathroom spa design, you can create a versatile room in which to savor your mornings and evenings. It will help you focus calmly as you prepare for the day ahead and wind down when the day is done.

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