Spa Pump Maintenance Guide

Taking care of a spa pump is an almost completely hands-free operation. The most maintenance that the pump will require is to be kept free of debris and firmly attached to the motor mounting plate. The spa, on the other hand, requires periodic maintenance, and some of what you do to maintain the spa can be beneficial to your pump as well.

Connections and Connectors

Make sure that all of the connections are tight. If a connector is leaking or spraying water, you may have a broken or missing gasket. Try to tighten the joint with a wrech, and if that fails, remove the connector and inspect the gasket. In some cases, realigning the gasket will solve the problem. Faulty connections can result in insufficient water pressure that can lead to a failure of the pump itself, turning a minor cleaning job into a major need for repair.

Spa Filters

You spa pump canbnot work properly if it becomes jammed or clogged. To help avoid this, clean the filters regularly. Remove each filter and spray it with a garden hose. Use a soft bristle brush to clean the ribs and raised edges, and then spray rinse again. Replace filters with new ones at least once a year.

Never allow leaves or other debris to collect in the bottom of your spa. In addition to causing potential clogs, organic materials are high in bacterial content, posing a risk of illness.

Consistent Operation

If you want your pump to work properly for years, set the timer to operate at least 2 out of every 24 hour period for minimal use. As a bare minimum, run the pump at least 80 hours a month, whether the spa is getting regular use or not. Failure to run the motor and pump often enough can result in the pump "locking up" so it no longer generates the pressure needed for proper operation.

Thorough Spa Cleaning

At least twice a year, drain the spa and clean thoroughly. Use a solution of dish soap, household bleach and tap water to scrub down all surfaces. In addition to removing dirt and mildew, bleach disinfects surfaces, killing bacteria that could be harmful to the people who use the spa. Excess buildup can also clog the part of the pump, diminishing the pressure from the jets.

Why Spa Care Is Important

Proper care and maintenance of your spa will keep it functioning for many years. Eventually, the pump or motor will wear out and need to be replaced, but you can delay this for a long time by simply taking care of the spa. Set up a regular schedule of spa maintenance that includes removing the pump and cleaning it thoroughly inside and out.