Spa Pump Replacement in 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Safety Glasses
Assorted Screwdrivers
Assorted Wrenches
Pipe Wrench

If you need to make a spa pump replacement, follow the steps below for a quick and easy project. Keep in mind that these are general instructions, and your pump and steps may vary. The basic process will be always be the same, even if there are slight differences in different models.

Before Your Begin

Before you start dismantling things, make sure that you have the correct replacement pump. There are many different shapes and styles of spa pumps, and the mounting bolt pattern and connectors are often designed to fit a particular model. Even if you order the correct pat number, verify that it is correct with a visual inspection.

Step 1: Disconnect Power

Do not attempt spa pump replacement until the power has been disconnected. Electrocution is the single most common accident that is attributed to pump replacement, but this be easily avoided. Turn off the switch at the motor—if one is available—or be even more secure and turn off the power in the circuit breaker panel.

Step 2: Remove Connectors

There are 2 water connectors on a hot tub pump: the inlet or supply connection and the outlet or jet connection. If these connectors are metal and have become rusty or corroded, spray them with a penetrating fluid such as Liquid Wrench and allow it to soak. Be careful not to damge or lose any gaskets or washers that may be inside the connectors.

Step 3: Remove mounting Bolts

There are at least 2 spa circulation pump mounting bolts. Most pumps will have 4 to 8 bolts that protrude through the pump housing and connect to the motor. Remove these bolts and set them aside for reuse. If they are corroded or grimy, apply a penetrating fluid and use a wire brush to clean the threads.

Step 4: Install Replacement Pump

A replacement spa pump should have come with a new gasket, if one is required. Use a drop of oil and rub it around the flat surface of the gasket or washer with your finger. This will help the gasket stick in place when it is mounted, and will allow a tighter, more dependable seal. Tighten bolts in a clockwise pattern, and do not connect the water connectors until after the pump has been mounted.

Step 5: Restore Power and Test

Restore power to the unit and start it up. Look for leaks or clogs that may interfere with proper operation. The pump should generate plenty of intake suction, and there should be pronounced jets of pressure being pushed out of the nozzles. If there is a problem, check the connectors first. If you can not find the problem, turn the power off, and repeat the replacement process, taking care to avoid binds or crimps. If this still does not repair the problem, you may need to call a licensed spa technician.