Spacing Sprinkler Heads

You've got your new sprinkler, and now you're ready to learn how to space sprinkler heads in the right design, and using the right techniques will allow your area to be watered correctly.

Read the information below before spacing your sprinklers, and you're sure to get a great end result.

Head to Head Spacing

Head to head spacing is recommended. This means spacing your sprinkler heads so that each one of the sprinklers sprays water to the adjacent sprinkler. Overlapping water is what it brings, which is exactly what you want.

Too Many or Too Few

Using too many sprinklers is not a problem. Using too few creates a disaster for a watering area. As stated in head to head spacing, you will want the sprinklers to overlap in watering.


Keep the distance uniform. You can get a little creative when dealing with unique areas, but keeping sprinkler heads as uniform as possible will bring greater end results.

Many Different Forms

There are many different forms of spacing. These range from square, and rectangular, to triangular spacing. Most of the time triangular spacing is what you will desire.

Triangular spacing requires you to space the heads so they form an invisible equilateral triangle.