Spackling Compound vs Spackling Paste


Spackling compound and spackling paste are two different types of spackle that do similar things. Spackle is used to fill in cracks and holes before you begin to paint or hang wallpaper. Spackle will help give your walls a clean and smooth look. You will find that which one that you choose will depend heavily on the specific job that you are doing. It is important to understand the difference between the two so that you can get the job done correctly.

Spackling Compound

There are two different forms of spackling compound that you will have to choose from. One type is already made. This form is used most typically used for repair work and comes in only one consistency. There is also a powder form of this compound that you can use that you will be able to mix with water to make a thicker paste.

This is most often used for butt joints that you would run across in drywall. You can use this for these types of joints because you can mix it much denser than the ready to use compound. Spackling compound can come in colors to help go with your walls. Because the dry time is so important, certain spackling compounds will change color whenever they are dry so that you will know it is ready for you to go on to the next step.

Spackling Paste

Spackling paste comes in several different forms of spackling paste that have to do with the overall density. There is regular, which is the heaviest type of paste. There is then lightweight and light-bodied. The light-bodied is basically a combination of the heavy and light forms. Like the compound, this type of paste also comes in a ready to use form as well as a powder. The powder is recommended because it does not run the risk of drying out like the ready to use paste.

However, spackling paste that comes in powder form can be very messy and is not well-liked among people that use it often as they have to mix it together in order to make it. You will need to make sure that you find the type of spackling paste that works well for you. If it is something that you do not use very often then the powder is for you. However, if you find yourself using the paste on a regular basis, then you will not run the risk of it drying out. The ready to use is best for regular use.


Basically, these two types of spackle are a lot alike. The paste comes in several different forms to make sure that you get the density that you wish. The compound comes in colors so that you will not have to worry about it not blending in well. Spackling paste sometimes needs to be dyed to match.