Spanish Style Rooftop Deck Ideas Spanish Style Rooftop Deck Ideas

Whether you want your rooftop deck to match home's current aesthetic or display a new look altogether, there are a variety of ways to apply Spanish style to your next project. Here are some ideas on how to create a rooftop deck that incorporates traditional Spanish elements.

Incorporate the Elements

Spanish style is often associated with colorful mosaics, warm tones and ocean blue hues. You can help create this look by adding mosaic tiles or natural-fabric rugs to your rooftop flooring. Wooden deck furniture with orange or earth-toned fabrics and bright pillows may evoke an inviting Mediterranean feel. Accessories like iron or copper candle holders, sundials, or cobalt blue bowls or vases can also add a simple Spanish touch to your rooftop getaway.

Mediterranean Landscape

Plants can be another way to add an appealing Spanish style to your deck. Consider selecting plants that are common in Spanish gardens or landscaping, like:

  • Cactus.
  • Potted olive, citrus, or flowering trees.
  • Herbs like parsley, mint or paprika.
  • Flowers like gardenias or freesia.
  • Bushes like lantana or oleander.

The look of such plants and flowers may be enhanced by displaying them in terracotta or ceramic vases, or hanging baskets. Stone water fountains are another way to add Mediterranean accent to your rooftop deck.

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