Spanish Tile Roof Repair: 4 Tips Spanish Tile Roof Repair: 4 Tips

A Spanish tile roof gives the exterior of your house incredible style and helps your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. But those tiles are fragile and you'll have to make repairs. Here are four tips for repairing your Spanish tile roof. 

1. Reaching the Roof

When you repair your Spanish tile roof, do not stand directly on the tiles, especially if they are curved, as you will end up damaging more tiles. Lay wood beams along the roof so you can stand on those while making your repairs. 

2. Cement

Especially if you can find cement that is the same color as your Spanish tile roof, just fill in cracks in tiles, provided the cracks are small. 

3. Mismatching Tiles

If you can't find any replacement tiles that match your Spanish tile roof, you can move an existing tile from a less conspicuous corner of the roof and use that as your replacement. Then put the mismatched tile in that less visible spot. 

4. Replace in Groups

Spanish tiles are fragile and since they overlap, if one breaks, others around it are probably either broken or have been weakened. Replace not only the broken tile, but those around it to eliminate future repairs.

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