Spanish-Style Home Decorating Ideas Spanish-Style Home Decorating Ideas

If you have a Spanish-style home, you will want to fill it with creative decor. Adding some interesting elements throughout your home will help it come together tastefully and have a warm, authentic feel.

The Use of Color

The Spanish style uses warm, earthy colors. You'll use the deep reds, yellows and oranges of a sunset, and earth tones in browns and greens. You can mix and match these colors throughout, in furniture coverings, art, wall color and window treatments.

Textures for Added Interest

Spanish-style decor incorporates many textures. Use distressed wood, textured paint, and woven tapestries and rugs.

Uses For Tile

Tile is an important element in a Spanish-style home. Terra-cotta is most popular, but you can also use metal or plaster. Use these on tabletops, floors and backsplashes.

The Use of Greenery

Aside from cacti in a Spanish-style home, large plants are also used. You can hang overflowing planters in windows or arrange several tall trees and plants together in any room.

Pots and Vases

You can use a vignette of clay and copper vases and pots for a focal point. Place these on a foyer table, beside or over a fireplace, in a windowsill or on a coffee table.

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