Spar Varnish

man varnishing wood
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

Spar varnish, which is also sometimes referred to as marine varnish, is a type of varnish manufactured using the harder types of resin. It offers a high level of waterproofing, and offers a strong resistance to moisture from rain or high humidity, extremely low temperatures and direct sunlight.

What is Spar Varnish Used For?

Spar varnish is designed for the purpose of protecting wood which will be exposed to harsh elements. For this reason spar varnish is primarily used in situations where the wood is going to be exposed to extreme elements such as heavy rain, bright sunlight, or extremely cold conditions. It is a reliable type of varnish manufactured using a harder type of resin making it resilient. Some of the common applications for spar varnish include ships and boats, which are manufactured using wood, and in any type of woodwork such as patio tables, patio chairs, or wooden sculptures, which are designed to be stored outside.