Spark Plug Catalog: Choosing the Right Spark Plug for Your Car

A spark plug catalog is an index of the various spark plugs available. During a vehicle tune up, the spark plugs will be inspected. A spark plug that is damaged needs to be replaced. It is vital that the replacement spark plug be the correct type for the make and model of the vehicle. An incorrect spark plug could cause poor performance and low mileage issues for the engine.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Be sure to read the owner's manual, provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle, to find the specific spark plug requirements. The spark plug you use should be compatible with the part number listed in the manual. It should also have a correct set gap.

The Best Quality Spark Plug

A spark plug that is to be installed into a vehicle should meet or exceed the quality of the existing one, that was provided by the manufacturer. If you have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis, a spark plug that meets the quality will be acceptable. If you tend to neglect some servicing on your vehicle, a more expensive, higher quality spark plug should be considered. Platinum spark plugs are preset to the gap measurements suggested by the manufacturer. They also provide more consistent spark.