Spark Plug Coil Repair: Testing the Oxygen Sensor Spark Plug Coil Repair: Testing the Oxygen Sensor

In some makes of car, it is possible to have a spark plug coil on each individual spark plug. Known as a Coil-on-plug, it allows you a greater amount of control in your engine timing. However, these coils can be affected by the levels of oxygen in the engine. Testing your oxygen sensor regularly can help you avoid having to perform regular spark plug coil repairs.

Preparing the Car

Begin by jacking up your car, so that you can reach the sensor, which will be found at the back, near the catalytic converter. Run the car engine so that it is warmed up, and then take off the oxygen sensor cover. Make a note of the current sensor readings.

 Attaching the Meter

Place the multimeter leads against the back of the sensor's connections. Turn on the engine, and check the readings. Make sure that the multimeter is working correctly.

Testing the Meter

While you are holding the leads against the meter, the readings should go up and down. Remove the multimeter, and then remove the connections for the sensor. Place the prongs of your multimeter against the oxygen sensor's prong connection, and check the readings again.

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