Specialty Transmission Repair: Finding a Specialist Specialty Transmission Repair: Finding a Specialist

If you are need of specialty transmission repair for your car's transmission, you need to find a transmission repair specialist. Finding a specialty transmission repair specialist can be done in a number of ways. You can ask for advice from friends who have recently had a transmission repair completed, or use the internet to search for a transmission specialist in the area. You can also use the telephone and a phone directory to find repair specialist that work with transmission.

Ask Friends

If you have a friend or family member who has recently completed a transmission repair, ask them for the name of the specialist that completed the repair for their car. Ask your friend for information regarding the specialist's level of expertise, the way they went about the repair of the transmission, and how the transmission is working after the repair. This type of information can help you decide whether this person is competent to handle your specialty transmission repair, and is able to complete it in a professional and quality way.

Call the specialist and set up an appointment to meet with them to discuss your specialty transmission repair. When you meet with the transmission specialist, you can ask them questions directly about your transmission repair and gauge their level of knowledge and credibility before deciding to take your car to them.

Using the Internet

Although using the internet seems like an obvious way to find a transmission repair specialist, there are things you should know about your online search. You want to isolate your search to those transmission repair specialists that are within a designated radius near your home. You can also cross reference the names of the transmission repair specialists you find online with the Better Business Bureau, or any other sites and services that report information on service providers. You want to look for information concerning any customer complaints or actions that may have been taken against the transmission repair specialist.

You can also use Angie's List, or services like that to see if there are any third-party comments or ratings of a transmission repair specialist that you find online. This process of using the internet is a good way to weed out bad repair specialists and determine which transmission repair specialist is best for you to take your car to.

Using the Telephone and Yellow Pages Listing

You can rely on the low-tech approach of taking out your local yellow pages and telephone to find a transmission repair specialist.  Look for the listing of transmission repair specialists in your area and call them for information on their approach to transmission repair. Ask questions concerning their training and years of experience, and use that information to determine which transmission repair specialist is the best one to approach to complete the repair on your car.

Either of these methods should be helpful for you to use in selecting a transmission repair specialist. 

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