Brick Cleaning Systems For Type S Mortar Brick Cleaning Systems For Type S Mortar

Type "S" (and Type "M") mortar is very difficult to remove from the face of all brick, but is a special problem when through-the-body or light colored brick is used due to the sensitivity of these brick to strong cleaning materials.

The following cleaning procedures are recommended according to age of masonry work:

A. After work is 10 days old:

  1. Remove all large mortar particles with hand tools before applying cleaning solutions.
  2. Mask and otherwise protect adjacent non-masonry materials.
  3. Saturate wall with clean water.
  4. Use cleaning brush to apply solution of Sure Klean Vanatrol, Diedrich 202 Vana-Stop (or equal) mixed 4 to 6 parts of water to 1 part of solution.
  5. Allow solution to remain on wall for 3 to 5 minutes while brushing and scraping, reapply solution.
  6. Thoroughly rinse and brush clean.

B. After work is 30 days old:

  1. Use procedure described above in steps 1-5.
  2. Use high water pressure equipment to rinse wall, using pressure not greater than 800 PSI with a 40 degree nozzle fan tip. Consult brick manufacturer before using high pressure water system.

(Test clean a sample area to determine effectiveness of cleaning compound and the total cleaning system and to check wall for possible damages caused by system. Approval of owner or owner's representative should be obtained before proceeding with operation.)

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