Species of Fish you'll encounter when Coarse Fishing

When angling for coarse species of fish, one typically looks for freshwater types, except for game fish such as char, salmon and trout. Most coarse fishes can be caught in the waters of Australia, England, and New Zealand. If you wish to become familiar with these species of fish, read on about their location, venue types, and best bites.

1. Bream: the Voracious Feeder

The bream, or carp bream, is a freshwater fish that can be caught in some rivers, canals and most stocking fisheries. This fish is native to Europe, the Balkans, Pyrenees and north of the Alps. Carp breams also inhabit the Aral Sea, Black Sea and Caspian Sea. This species is between 12 and 20 inches long and weighs from 4 to 9 pounds. It has a high back and laterally flattened body, and bronze or silvery gray coloration. The best baits for this fish are worms and bread.

2. Chubs: Difficult to Lure

The chub, also known as chevin, fat chub, round chub or pollard, is a freshwater species found in still waters, canals and slow and moderate rivers around Europe, and England in particular. Large chubs reach a weight of about 9 pounds. Small species are free-biting and can be caught even by inexperienced anglers. When they grow, however chubs become more wary, and easily detect noise. The best baits for them are grubs, bread flakes and bread crumbs.

3. Eels: Found around the World

The group of eels comprises of 4 suborders and about 800 species. Ranging from 2 inches to 12.3 feet, these elongated species weigh between 0.04 and 25 pounds. Eels can be found around the world, feeding on marine snow. They hide at the ocean’s bottom or prefer shallow rivers and large lakes. The best types of bait for this coarse fish are dead fish and dead bait.

4. Perch: Predatory Fish

Belonging to the genus Perca, perch is a freshwater fish found in the waters of three continents (Asia, Europe and Australia). There are different species within the genus, such as yellow perch, Balkhash perch, golden and silver Perch, and others. This fish prefers slow rivers and lakes and grows to about 5 pounds. The best baits for this predatory fish are lures, worms and bait fish.

5. Roach: Native to Europe and Asia

The roach is a brackish water fish, found in the waters of western Asia and Europe. Some species have anadromous life cycle, living in salt water and breading in fresh, and live around the Black and Caspian Seas. These species are typically small, growing to no more than 14 inches. Their bodies have a bluish silvery coloration and are white at the belly. Older fish develop a broader and higher body shape, while young ones have a slender build. The roach can be found in any water body that is deeper than 20 cm. The summer season is the best time to fish for roaches, using seeds, cereals, worms and maggots as baits.