Measuring Square Measuring Square

The SPEED Square®, a registered trademark of Swanson Tool Co., Inc. used to identify the Swanson SPEED measuring square, is the most popular measuring square. It is a three-sided tool usually manufactured using some type of metal, which is designed to provide an easy guide for cutting lumber at right angles. It is also capable of being used as a physical guide while cutting with a circular saw.

When is it Useful?

A SPEED Square® can be useful anytime where a right angle needs to be cut from timber. This applies to any number of situations such as stair carriages for stair cases, and roof trusses.

What are Other Uses?

A SPEED Square® is a fairly versatile tool. In fact the manufacturer includes a small book which describes a number of unique ways the tool can be used. One common application is as a compact strait edge. The lip on the top part of a measuring square allows it to easily produce a straight line. This is achieved by pressing the lip up against the lumber. It will also serve very well as a physical guide when using a circular saw, simply by clamping it down to the lumber.

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