Spice Up Your Window Coverings with Drapery Tassels Spice Up Your Window Coverings with Drapery Tassels

Add drapery tassels to quickly transform a simple room into an elegant space. Tassels are used to pull back drapery on the side of your windows. They come in all shapes and sizes, thicknesses and lengths. This type of decorative cord is usually twisted and has a satin or shimmer finish. You can buy tassels at a fabric store or make them yourself.

Practical and Beautiful

Drapery tassels finish off the look of curtains. You can even add hardware to tassels to complement the look of your room and create a unique design. Although practical, tassels can also add a burst of color to a living room or bedroom.

It's easy to hang drapery tassels. Make sure you select a tassel that enhances your drapes. For example, if your drapes are a solid color, pick a tassel that is a shade lighter or darker than the draperies. If your drapes have a pattern, select tassels that are the same shade as one of the colors in the pattern.

Once you have selected a tassel, push the drapes to the side of the window. Place the bottom of the drape inside the tassel loop and pull up, deciding how high you want it to hang. Make adjustments to the fabric, and use a measuring tape to ensure the tassels on both sides of the drapery are the same height.


Hardward can transform the look of your windows, and the type you choose for the drapes depends on personal preference. Commercial options include hooks, medallions, hold backs and rosettes. You can make your own hardward out of wood or metals such as bronze and silver. Prices are relatively inexpensive, ranging from $5 to $25. It is very easy to attach the hardware with a screwdriver.

Why Use Tassels?

Tassels are perfect for letting light into your room during the day. Although draperies are very beautiful and offer a lot of privacy, curtains can block out light during the day. Tassels can not only open up a room, but they also add a decorative touch to your home.  

Stores sell a wide variety of different tassels made of gorgeous fabrics and designed in many unique ways. If you're not sure what type of tassel to buy, take a trip to a fabric or design store to peruse the available options. Thnk about the colors and textures in the curtains you already have as a foundation for selecting tassels and tassel hardware.

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