Split Air Conditioner Installation

What You'll Need
Split Air Conditioner Indoor and Outdoor Unit

Split air conditioner installation involves the set up of the indoor and outdoor units. A split air conditioner is also referred to as a ductless or mini split air conditioner. It is easier to install, requiring a hole to join the wiring between the indoor unit and the outdoor compressor.

To install a spit air conditioner, you'll need the tools, materials and steps necessary listed below. You should also follow any additional installation instructions specific to the split air conditioner unit that you have purchased to ensure its proper functioning and use.

Step 1: Take the Split Air Conditioning out of Packaging

Remove the split air conditioning unit from the packaging and place the indoor unit next to the space where it will be mounted.  The outdoor unit should be placed next to an adjacent wall where a hole will be drilled.

Step 2: Drill a Hole in Wall for Indoor Unit

Before mounting the indoor unit, drill a large hole through which to feed the connection wiring from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The hole should be just large enough to feed the wiring and connections but too large to contribute to energy loss. Use pieces of fiberglass insulation to seal the area around the hole.

Step 3: Install the Indoor Unit

Attach the indoor unit to the wall to any wall mounts that accompanied the packaging. The indoor unit should be secured to the wall and be placed in an area that permits the maximum amount of air flow.

Step 4: Connect Wires and Connectors

Once the indoor unit has been installed, take the wires and other connectors that have been fed to the outside through the hole and connect to the back of the outdoor unit. Place the outdoor unit in place and secure. Once secured, plug the unit into any nearby electrical outlet and run the system in order to test the connections. Make any adjustments necessary to run the air conditioner properly.