Split Bamboo Fencing

If you are looking to create an attractive privacy fence or want to give your backyard a more exotic look, split bamboo fencing is an excellent option. Bamboo fencing is not only an appealing and natural choice for fence coverage, it is durable, lightweight, low maintenance, rot resistant and inexpensive.

Types of Split Bamboo Fencing

Split bamboo fencing comes in an assortment of colors, designs and styles, and you are sure to find one that enhances or matches your landscape. Bamboo fencing comes in panels or in rolls and is relatively easy to install. Panels will usually come in sizes that are 6 or 8 feet wide, whereas lengths for rolls of bamboo fencing will usually vary by manufacturer. Popular types of split bamboo fencing are usually sold in heights of 3, 5 or 8 feet.

Split bamboo fencing is made up bamboo slats that are held together with galvanized wire. The slats vary in width, but will usually be between 1/2 inch and 3 inches. The pre-split pieces of bamboo are arranged vertically with a very small space between each piece of wood. Split bamboo fences stand up well to the weather and usually last between 10 to 15 years. However, using a good polyurethane clear coat on the bamboo can extend the fence's life considerably.

Selecting the Best Type of Bamboo Fencing

If you are installing split bamboo fencing over the top of an existing chain link fence, you will find that rolls are much easier to work with than panels. If you will be constructing a new split bamboo fence, using panels will require less work and will be much less expensive than first constructing a chain link fence and then covering it with a roll of bamboo fencing. Both types of bamboo fencing are about the same in terms of durability and ease of maintenance.

Installation Tips

Installing a roll of bamboo fence over a chain-link fence requires little more than a strong back and some galvanized wire. However, there are a few things you should be aware of. For instance, when installing a roll of split bamboo fencing over a chain-link fence, you should always leave a couple of inches of clearance beneath the bottom of the bamboo and the ground. This will help prevent the bamboo fence from absorbing too much moisture from the ground and decomposing or rotting.

Always use heavy-duty galvanized wire to install split bamboo fencing and pre-cut pieces of about 10 to 12 inches to make the installation go faster. You can quickly trim the length of a roll of split bamboo fencing with a pair of sharp wire cutters to snip the galvanized wire that holds the pieces of bamboo together.

If you're installing bamboo fence panels, you need to construct a frame in order to support the fence. You should use posts that are 4x4 inches in size and made of high-quality cedar wood or pressure treated lumber to prevent them from rotting. Spread your posts evenly to accommodate the width of your bamboo panels and always place a post in the center of each one. Always make sure that you follow local building codes and ordinances when installing your bamboo fence.