Split Heat Pump vs Ductless Heat Pump

If you are looking to install a heat pump in your home, then you may be interested in both the split heat pump and the ductless heat pump. Both of these types of pump can work well in residential homes, but it can sometimes be difficult to decide between them, and the wrong type might not satisfy all of your needs or work well with the layout of your home. To decide between them, you will need to know the various advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Split Heat Pump

Split heat pumps work much like split air conditioning units, in that there is one part inside the home, and another part outside. The internal part is connected to ducts which carry the heat directly into the rooms where it is needed, so you can use this style if you want a heating or cooling system. Each duct delivers the heat to only one area, so for each room in the house in which you want to put the product of your pump, you will need a separate duct.

The split heat pump can work with a variety of different home layouts, but you may be rather limited in your use of the split pump, as you will have to pay more money for each different room where the ducts are installed. This works well in a small household, where only one or two rooms need the heat, but for a larger family, with multiple rooms, the expense can be prohibitive. If you are looking for a greener lifestyle, then restricting yourself to only one duct may be another way of reducing your carbon emissions.

Ductless Heat Pump

Unlike the split heat pump, the ductless pump does not have separate connections to each room in the house. Instead, you are likely to find that it connects to a furnace, or boiler, which then moves the heat around the home. Much like a ductless air conditioning unit, this type of heat pump is less adaptable, in that you cannot put the heat into an individual room, but instead move it through the house like an HVAC. The ductless heat pump has the advantage of not costing more for each room you intend to heat, and this may make it more suitable for a family with a number of rooms which want to use the heat pump at the same time. In addition, although it does not help to reduce carbon emissions through restricting your use of the pump, it will still save more money than an average hot water system, or air conditioning unit.

Whether you choose a split heat pump or a ductless heat pump will depend very much upon the needs of the family, and how much use you will be getting from the different heat pumps. The split style is more suited to a couple, or a single person, while the ductless has more advantage as a family machine.