Split Rail Vinyl Fence vs Wooden Split Rail Vinyl Fence vs Wooden

If you are installing a split rain fence, you may be wondering what the relative merits are of split rail vinyl fence vs. its wooden equivalent. Below you will find a brief rundown of the main strengths and weaknesses of each fencing material. Read through this guide before determining whether you want to go with one material or the other.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences have the benefit of requiring no painting or weatherproofing to remain in their original condition. They will not warp or splinter like wood. The assembly on vinyl split rail fencing is typically easier as well, as they are held together with uniform joints.

The major downfall of vinyl split rail fencing is that it is typically more expensive than its wooden equivalent.

Wooden Fence

Wooden split rail fences have the obvious benefit of having a classic appearance and style. When most people think of split rail fences, they think of wood. Keep in mind, however, that wooden fences will require more upkeep than vinyl fences. They are, however, typically cheaper than vinyl.

Wooden fences can also be painted in any color you desire, while vinyl fences come in a select range of colors.

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