Sponge Painting for Kids Sponge Painting for Kids

The best type of sponges to use when painting with children are the black sponges with wooden handles. The handles will allow the children more control over their sponges and reduce the amount of paint that gets on the children’s hands. This will scale down the mess that will result from sponge painting with the kids.

Use Stencils

It is also helpful to purchase several large stencils for the children to use as guides for their painting creations. Stencils and sponge painting go hand in hand. Consider using clouds, animal shapes or letters. It is also easy to draw and cut your own stencils.

Explore Colors

Sponge painting with children is also an excellent opportunity to teach them about color. Provide them with the primary colors: red, blue and yellow. From here, you can teach them about how mixing two of the primary colors results in the formation of secondary and then tertiary colors. Providing the children with only 3 colors will also help facilitate their paintings as they are presented with less color choices and therefore less distraction.

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