Spotted Spurge Lawn Weed: Recognizing it Spotted Spurge Lawn Weed: Recognizing it

Spotted spurge is a rogue lawn weed that can become a serious nuisance in your lawn or flowerbeds if left uncontrolled. Spotted spurge is easy to recognize, with dark green small leaves and a red spot running down the center of the leaf. It can easily cover ground, invade grass and other open areas in a garden or a yard, and can even grow on sidewalk cracks.

Spotted Spurge as a Weed

This persistent summer lawn weed multiplies rapidly due to its excessive seed production. For this reason, it needs to be addressed immediately. Even a single plant can manage to form a dense mat up to 3 feet in diameter, producing thousands of seeds. Seeds can remain in the soil until summer or till the conditions are suitable for germination.

Eliminating Spotted Spurge

The best way of managing spotted spurge is preventing its formation in the first place, because it is difficult to control this weed once it is established. Use weed-free plants, seeds and soil. Always keep your gardening equipment clean to avoid spreading the seed to uninfected areas of the lawn. As with all weeds, if you prevent them from getting sunlight, they will suffocate and die, so spread a fine or coarse layer of mulch till the weeds are completely covered.

Make sure your grass is of fine quality. Species you can look into are Kentucky bluegrass, Zoysia grass, Velvet bent grass, centipede grass or Hard fescue. The better the quality of grass, the easier is will be to control the spread of spotted spurge weed.

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