Spray Adhesive: 8 Safety Tips

Spray adhesive is a highly popular form of adhesive, which is available in cans. This type of adhesive is sprayed on to the surface to be bonded. Spray adhesives allow for safer, cleaner application and are more even than other glue applicators. There are several types of spray adhesives to choose from. When using these products, it is important to follow some safety precautions.

Work in a Well Ventilated Area

The requirement for an open, well ventilated work area is probably higher when you are using a spray adhesive. The product is delivered to the surface in mist-like drops, which are harmful if inhaled. Inhalation can cause dizziness, breathing problems and nausea. To reduce the buildup of fumes, open a few windows and doors in the work area.

Wear a Safety Mask

A safety mask will help you work properly and protect you from the fumes from the spraying can. In case there is heavy wind, the need for a safety mask is higher. It also protects the sensitive skin on your face from the adhesive spray.

Wear Eye Protection

If the spray adhesive gets in your eyes, you must rinse the area with warm water thoroughly and then seek medical attention if the irritation does not subside. To avoid such situations, it is best to wear safety goggles when you are working with spray adhesives.

Wear Gloves

Wear thick gloves when you are working with a spray adhesive. This will enable you to freely move the work surface as needed, without fear of getting the glue on your hands. For the same reason, it is preferable to wear long sleeved clothing. If you get some spray adhesive on your clothes, remove them and wash the skin underneath. Prolonged contact with skin can cause irritation and other skin problems.

Exercise Caution when Adjusting Nozzle

Most spray adhesives have nozzles that can be adjusted to change the type of flow. When you adjust the nozzle, be very careful to point it away from your body. It is preferable to point it to a piece of scrap material.

Store in a Cool Dark Place

Proper storage of the spray can is important. It must be protected from excessive heat. As the contents are highly inflammable, never store the can in the vicinity of fuels or open flames.

Keep Product Away from Children and Pets

A spray adhesive in the wrong hands can have some unwanted consequences. Allocate a safe storage place that is not easily accessible to young children, who may like to use the can as a toy.

Dispose of Safely

The contents of a can of spray adhesive are under high pressure and constitute a hazardous waste. Dispose of the can properly after you have finished working with it. Never try to puncture the can, even if it is empty. Avoid disposing it of near waterways or water sources, as it will result in toxic contamination. If you are unsure about disposal, contact your local authorities.