Spray On vs Plastic: Truck Bed Liner Spray On vs Plastic: Truck Bed Liner

If you are considering getting a truck bed liner, you will have to choose between a spray on or plastic liner. Both options are popular and they both have some unique features to them. Here are a few things to consider about spray on vs plastic truck bed liners.


One area in which these two products differ is in the damage protection of the truck. With a spray on bed liner, there is not much protection against dents or scratches. With a plastic bed liner, the plastic ribs provide some protection against dents and scratches on the truck. They can absorb a lot of shock and prevent things from hitting the surface of the truck.


Another area to consider with these products is the cost. In most cases, the plastic bed liner is going to be much less expensive than a spray on liner. In fact, you might spend as much as five times as much on a spray on liner.

Skid Resistance

When purchasing a truck bed liner, you also want to provide some skid resistance so that things will not move around in the back of your truck. Both options provide some resistance, but spray on liners tend to lose their skid resistance over time.

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