Spray Paint

If you choose the proper spray paint and learn the proper techniques, spray paint can be an amazing way to transform all sorts of things.  A bad spray paint job can be truly disastrous.  Here are some things you need to remember before your next spray paint project.

How to Spray Paint Like a Pro

Preparing the material is one of the most important parts of using spray paint effectively.  Be sure that the surface you intend to spray paint is completely clean and dust free.  You may want to fill problem spots in materials like wood or metal before you spray paint.  Always prime the item before applying the spray paint.

Be sure that you spray paint in an appropriate area.  You will need a way to ensure that the fine mist of paint inevitable with spray paint does not get on anything unintentionally.  You also want to be certain that you have a very good light source to catch all runs and missed spots.

Don’t ever try to use cheap spray paint or a spray paint that is not specifically recommended for the material you are applying it to.  Always test the spray paint on a piece of scrap material if possible, or start in an area that is least likely to be seen.