How to Spray Paint Your Ceiling

spray paint
  • 3-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • $50-130
What You'll Need
Airless paint sprayer
Plastic drop cloths
Masking tape
Safety goggles
Paint strainer

The quickest way to paint a ceiling is to spray paint it. It’s much quicker than using a roller and definitely faster than using a paintbrush. However, it is something that needs plenty of preparation and knowledge of how to use the paint sprayer in order to achieve good results.

Step 1 - Pick a Type of Sprayer

There are three types of paint sprayer that can be used to spray paint the ceiling. These are the airless spray, the compressed air spray, and the electric pump. To spray paint the ceiling, use an airless paint sprayer. It’s the most efficient way to spray paint a ceiling.

Unless you’re going to be painting very regularly, rent the airless paint sprayer and get advice on how to use it, such as the best nozzles to use. Also learn how to clean it. Be fully familiar with the unit before you start to paint. Doing so will make you more confident and your spraying will be much better.

Step 2 - Prepare

If you’re using any appliances in the vicinity of the painting, turn them off. Paint could damage them or even cause an explosion if they’re left on. Move all the furniture out of the room. Put drop clothes all over the floor to protect them. To keep the paint off the walls, hang drop cloths from the top of each wall, covering every inch. Attach them with masking tape. Openings in and out of the room should be covered with plastic, although this should be unsecured at the bottom to allow you to enter and exit.

Step 3 - Paint

WARNING: Before you begin to spray paint the ceiling, put on safety goggles and wear a mask. There will be plenty of minute paint droplets in the air and you don’t want to inhale them. It’s also advisable to cover your hair and wear a long-sleeved shirt.

Pour the paint through a paint strainer into the bucket of the airless paint sprayer. The sprayer is vital to keep out small foreign objects that could clog the paint sprayer. The paint will need to be thinned. Follow the instructions from the paint manufacturer and don’t thin more than instructed.

Step 4 - Spray

Set the sprayer correctly. One of the advantages of a sprayer is that you don’t need to be on a ladder to spray paint the ceiling. Set the paint sprayer to give full, light coverage. Work from the center of the ceiling out towards the edges and corners.

You only want to spray a light coat on the ceiling. Spray in even strokes to achieve this. It’s much better to put on two light coats of paint rather than a single thick one. Allow the paint to dry fully between coats. Clean the spray painter nozzle after each coat of paint to ensure the best coverage.