Sprinkler Repair: Easy Things You Can Do Yourself

While home sprinkler repair projects can require the help of a professional, you can perform many small maintenance and repair tasks yourself, saving a lot of money. While you may not want to replace an entire sprinkler line yourself, cleaning or replacing sprinkler heads are examples of repairs you can handle easily that may save you a hefty repair bill later on.

Clean the Sprinkler Heads

Cleaning the sprinkler heads regularly is an easy task that can keep your sprinkler systems operating efficiently. Cleaning the sprinkler heads is not difficult. First, turn off the system. It may be enough to just clean the water holes with a wire to clear debris. For a thorough cleaning, unscrew the head, remove it and wash it out with a chemical cleaner. Be sure to completely rinse off the chemicals from the sprinkler head before replacing it to avoid damaging your lawn.

Clean out the System

Cleaning out the entire system from time to time will keep it in good operating condition. Consult the manufacturer to get a cleaner that is recommended for your system and for instructions on how to use it safely. The manufacturer's recommended cleaners are usually safe for the grass, but strong enough to cleanse the system.

Replace a Sprinkler Head

You can purchase new sprinkler heads from the manufacturer of your sprinkler system. While each system is unique, most heads can simply be screwed off, and the newer heads can be screwed right on. As long as you can reach the sprinkler head, you can replace it.

Test the System

While you may not be able to do a full system repair, you can run a test of your system. Simply turn on your system and inspect each sprinkler individually. You may get wet, but getting close to each sprinkler can help you to understand which ones are underperforming. Make a map of your sprinklers and note the status of each one. Then, if repairs are necessary, you can show the repair man the map, facilitating his job.

Testing the sprinkler system is more important than you may realize. Noticing sprinkler heads that are not performing well is the best defence against a more expensive repair job. Running a simple test is the only way to isolate issues that may be taking place underground.