Sprinkler System Pros and Cons

A sprinkler system is a very common method for watering lawns and gardens. For example, sprinklers are convenient, but also expensive to install. Before you select this type of watering system, consider the pros and cons.

Sprinkler System Advantages

A sprinkler system makes it easy and convenient to water your lawn, flowers and plants: just turn them on and walk away. You can use a sprinkler system to water a wide area of different types of flowers and plants, and you can usually adjust how large or small an area receives water. You can also use this type of system to dispense chemicals and fertilizers needed by your lawn and garden.

Sprinkler System Disadvantages

Wind can affect the efficiency of a sprinkler system. Too much wind can cause water from the head of a sprinkler to travel, thus not providing adequate water coverage for the area(s) that need it.

Some types of garden vegetables and flowers are extremely sensitive to fungal diseases, scorch or other damage caused by accumulated water from a sprinkler system.