Spruce Up An Antique Desk Chair Spruce Up An Antique Desk Chair

Purchasing or repurposing an antique desk chair for use in your office brings a classic and traditional feeling to your work. Antique chairs often have design features that are not common in many contemporary chairs. An antique chair connects you to the past and you want to make sure you protect that legacy and history.

Inspect the Chair
Whether the chair was purchased at a local flea market or antique store or was a family heirloom that was passed on, you want to inspect the chair for any structural flaws or damage. Rivets that have come loose or are missing from a leatherback chair, torn caning and a weathered, chipped wooden chair detract from its original luster and prestige.

Make Repairs
For simple repairs you can go to a craft or hardware store and find the screws, rivets and bolts needed to make most minor repairs. Caning can be cut away and replaced easily with new mesh canning. Rivets and missing screws can also be easily replaced.

You can refinish the chair to restore it to its original look. Lightly sand any fading areas, taking care not to over do it or damage the wood. If you are not comfortable performing this type of operation, your local yellow pages should provide you with a listing of artisans who specialize in furniture restoration.

Maintenance and Care
Use a damp cloth or dust rag to keep the surfaces clean and dust-free. Try to wipe surfaces at least every other day if not daily. This will help keep your antique chair in its pristine condition and help it to last longer.

Only apply those substances recommended by a furniture refinisher or antiques dealer. It is better to make a call and ask questions before applying some commercial product that may damage or potentially ruin your chair.

Some woods, like mahogany, fade with long-term exposure to the sun. Limit sunlight exposure to chairs with these sensitivities to ensure longevity. Install blinds and shades if the chair is located at or near a window with a lot of sunlight. This will help you control the sunlight.

Having an antique chair is a good statement about your level of professionalism. Sprucing the chair up and taking the time to fix some of its acute problems will pay-off for you in the long-term. Your efforts will give your antique chair a new lease on life and lift the profile of your office.

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