Spruce Up Your Space With Draperies in Completely Unexpected Ways Spruce Up Your Space With Draperies in Completely Unexpected Ways

Whether you’re covering large wall space, or just looking for a way to add color and texture to your home, hanging fabrics is a fabulous way to accomplish all of those things. We don’t often think of draperies or curtains in creative ways, but the reality is, draperies are just fabric panels. You can do anything with them, including reuse old drapes in new ways, or buy completely new ones for a specific purpose. Here are a few tips to inspire you to “get covered.”

Idea 1:

Hang them on a blank wall. They can easily be used as wall hangings or tapestries if traditional art doesn’t seem like the right fit for your space. Repurpose old hardware like rods and finials and hang the tapestry on the wall with it. Use a drapery as a backdrop to a seating area on a landing to add impact.

Idea 2:

Hide ugly walls or wallpaper. Don’t want to repaint or re-wallpaper? Maybe you just want something unique. No one will ever know what’s under there, and they’ll think you an artistic genius for using fabric so skillfully.

Idea 3:

Make it a shower curtain. Beautiful shower curtains are usually on the pricey side. Take your old curtain, get yourself inexpensive shower curtain rings and a liner, and there you have it:  instant shower curtain.

Idea 4:

Old draperies and curtains make great makeshift headboards. Hang them behind a basic mattress to make it look like you have a headboard. Hang it on a beautiful wrought iron rod and attach wrought iron finials. The look will be daring and different.

Idea 5:

Hide storage with drapery panels. Are your shelves unsightly? Do your children’s toys overflow from every nook and cranny? Hanging drapery panels over them will hide clutter and streamline the look of the room. Go with something neutral to minimize the impact, or choose a bold pattern if you want to draw attention to your makeshift closet. Hang some simple tiebacks on both sides of the shelving if you want to hold the panels open from time to time. This idea works well with closets too. You can remove the closet door and hang a curtain in its place.

Expert tip: Want to know how to make a room look larger, or how to make a ceiling appear taller? Hang a solid-color drapery where there is blank wall space, and order it long enough so that it puddles on the ground to create depth.

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