Tips on Sprucing Up Old Furniture Tips on Sprucing Up Old Furniture

Do you have furniture that's an eyesore, but you can't stand the thought of getting rid of it? Or, perhaps it's a chair or toy chest you'd like to personalize for a parent or child? Most people have at least one piece of furniture they'd like to give a facelift. Below are some ideas to turn boring into beautiful:

Decorate it - Use stencils and sponges to create fun designs on surfaces. Stencil flowers and butterflies on a drab storage chest for garden tools or create depth and texture on an old hutch with some paint and a sponge. Hand-painted designs add a personal touch to any object, while also adding style and elegance to the decor.

Distress it - Give items like dressers and bookcases a hint of sophistication and age by distressing the surface. Paint a base coat on the object and then age it with a second color. Using a rag, wipe a bit of the second color on the corners and edges. Then, using a paintbrush, fling tiny speckles of paint everywhere. This will give your furniture a stylish, yet aged look.

Personalize it - Add a unique touch to any room with personalized furnishings. Paint an old rocking chair for the nursery-add baby's name or birth date to create a special place to rock the bundle-of-joy to sleep. Or, paint a child's desk with letters of the alphabet or numbers to create a cozy place to study or color-not only will this make the child's workspace fun, but it will also encourage learning.

Restore it - If you are not ready to make a drastic change to a piece of furniture, but it is starting to look dull, restore it. Re-paint or re-stain the piece to bring it back to its original state and beauty. This will bring a fresh, new look to the piece, while carrying on the tradition of the object.

Tile it - Add beauty and color to boring tables and chairs with mosaic-tiled artwork. Using broken pieces of tile and stained glass, create a design of your choice, adhering each piece with super glue. Next, use a grout to fill in the space between tiles.

Whether you want to give old furniture a new look or give a special person a unique gift, sprucing up and decorating pieces adds style and elegance to any decor. One way to turn boring into beautiful is to decorate your old furniture with mosaic-tiled artwork.

Courtesy of NAPSnet.

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