Stack Firewood Outdoors: 4 Tips Stack Firewood Outdoors: 4 Tips

How you stack firewood will help determine how long the wood will last, and how fast it will cure so that it will be ready for use. Here are some time-tested tips for wood stacking that can save you time and make the whole process easier.

Tip #1: How to Estimate a Cord

Firewood is usually sold by a cord. Translated into American measurements, a cord is 4 feet wide by 4 feet high, and 8 feet long. If you plan to build a shelter over your woodpile, extend the front eave at least 4 feet further out for protected access..

Tip #2: Avoid Ground Contact

If possible cut two sections of log that are around 10 feet long and approximately the same diameter. Use these two logs as rails, and stack the rest of the wood across them to elevate the stack above ground level.

Tip #3: Front Side Smooth

Stack the wood in layers, with any excess length protruding from the rear of the stack. this keep the area you draw wood from looking neat and well organized.

Tip #4: Spitting and Curing

Large diameters of wood should be split once or twice before stacking. Remember that split wood will dry out faster and begin to rot, so stack split wood on top of the stack, and use it first.

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