Stacked Stone Veneer: 4 Project Ideas

People are finding that stacked stone veneer can really add attitude and visual stimulation to nearly any room in the home. It can be used for a number of things outside of room transformation, and it is easy to install on nearly any surface.

Tie a Room to your Fireplace

You can use stacked stone veneer to tie in a section of your ordinary wall around your fireplace to match your hearth. You will see this used in many modern homes to give a visual appearance of the fireplace dominating the room, while leaving visual space untouched.

Shielding Wood Stoves

You can use these materials to build a stacked stone veneer firewall around the sides and the back of a traditional home wood stove. It will help prevent sparks getting to your wooden walls and will add an extra level of fire safety to your stove area.

Transform a Room

You can transform an otherwise dull room with stacked stone veneer panels. The look and feel of brick is an entirely different visual experience as it contains earth tones, and absorbs the light in the room.

Add Special Effects

Some people have used this stacked stone veneer material to trim their walls to add special visual effects to the home, without actually having to install actual brick. This technique is used commonly in office buildings and schools.