Stacked Stone Veneer Installation: 3 Tips Stacked Stone Veneer Installation: 3 Tips

On major problem with installing stacked stone veneer is having a final product that is slanting or unevenly working toward the edges of your walls. This can be very costly to fix, and will result in damaging some of your building materials in the process.

Hold Pieces as they Dry

When applying grout to your stacked stone veneer panels, be sure to use a modest amount of the cement on the back of your panels surface. Applying too much can cause your panels to bubble out or not sit flush with the others. It is a good idea to take extra time and hold the panels into place for awhile to allow them to stick and dry properly before moving on.

Work from One Side Toward the Corners

Always work from one corner of your wall and then up and over to the far wall when installing stacked stone veneer. Using this method will prevent you from having to constantly custom cut and fit new pieces into the wall as you go.

Use Chalk Lines to Keep Rows Even

You can keep your lines and rows even and straight by using a chalk line to mark your rows before moving forward. This will keep your stacked stone veneer panels even as you move along on the project, and prevent uneven installation that could become expensive to fix.

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