Stain Hardwood Doors In 10 Steps Stain Hardwood Doors In 10 Steps

What You'll Need
Clean Cloths

If you are starting an indoor remodeling project, staining your hardwood doors is a simple and effective way of updating your home.  This is a do-it-yourself project that can be fun yet time consuming, depending on the shape of the door and previous materials applied to it. 

Step 1-Remove the Door

The first step you will need to do is to remove the door from the frame, assuming you are working with a door that you have previously been using.  This is done simply by removing the screws from the hinge and removing the hinge pins. 

Step 2-Set Up Sawhorses

Set up the sawhorses and place the door length wise on top of them. 

Step 3-Sand the Door

Using your sand paper, start to remove anything on the surface of the door.  Depending upon the detail of the door and any previous layers, this could take some time.  This should be done carefully and thoroughly.  Don’t leave out any crevice or it will show when staining is done.

Step 4-Apply the Stain

Once you have prepped the door, you are ready for the staining process.  Applying the stain evenly is very important.  You also must apply with the grain, as opposed to against the grain as you are staining, for best results.  Wear gloves to apply the stain.

Use your clean cloth and start by applying stain in even strokes; start from the center of one door panel.  Go from panel to panel and then to strip in between panels.  Last should come the molding inside panels, making sure to match the panels. 

Step 5-Let Stain Dry

Allow first layer of stain to dry completely.

Step 6-Apply Second Coat

Apply second coat of stain exactly the same as the first layer. 

Step 7-Apply Stain

After the second coat has completely dried, turn door over and repeat the entire process for the other side of the door.  Be sure to apply stain to match the previous side.

Step 8-Apply Varnish

Once the entire door has been stained, it is time to apply the varnish (sealant).  The best option is to spray on the varnish for the best finished look.  If spraying is not available, then you can paint on the varnish.  Be sure to apply two coats with drying in between.

Step 9-Reattach Hardware

After door has completely dried, reattach hardware using your screwdriver. 

Step 10-Re-Hang the Door

Lastly, re-hang door in the door frame and enjoy your hard work

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