Selecting Stained Glass Window Film Selecting Stained Glass Window Film

Stained glass window film creates the look of stained glass at only a fraction of the price. While window film is not permanent, giving careful consideration to selecting a stained glass window film can prevent a wasteful decorating mistake.

Step 1 – Decide on a window film type
There are two types of stained glass window films.  Both are removable.

  • Adhesive-backed window film adheres to the window with a light adhesive. Adhesive window film is not reusable, but cleans with a damp cloth.
  • Static window films stick to the window with static cling. Static window films are reusable, but can attract dust and can be difficult to clean.

Step 2 – Measure the window
Before selecting a stained glass window film, measure the window’s height and width. Be sure to only measure the glass surface, not including the glazing compound or frame.

In addition to determining how much stained glass window film to purchase, window measurements will affect the range of patterns available for a window. Window film is sold by the linear foot, and the patterns repeat themselves at set intervals, printed on the packaging. Some patterns look best if the pattern width is matched to the window measurement.

Step 3 – Choose a style
Stained glass window film comes in three basic styles. In addition to the room décor, consider the size and shape of the window when deciding on a style. 

  • Abstract geometric patterns use bold geometric shapes to create a repeating pattern. Abstract geometric patterns look best in windows whose widths are evenly divisible by the pattern length. A pattern that repeats itself every 7.5 inches would fit exactly 4 times in a 30-inch glass pane. Using that same pattern in a 33-inch window would require cutting the pattern off in the middle, ruining the illusion of real stained glass.
  • Mosaic patterns imitate the appearance of window mosaics. The repeating pattern of mosaic stained glass window films is subtle, making them suitable for oddly shaped or sized windows.
  • Faux stained glass window film patterns replicate the look of a large stained glass window, with a focal point figure. Flowers and birds are common focal points in faux stained glass window patterns. These patterns are often 20 to 30 inches wide.  Faux stained glass window films look best in windows the exact width of their pattern.

Step 4 – Choose a stained glass window film pattern
Stained glass window films are available in many patterns to coordinate with any décor scheme. Since the window film will be visible from both the inside and the outside of the window, choose a pattern that coordinates with both the interior and exterior colors.

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