Stained Glass Window Hangings Stained Glass Window Hangings

Stained glass window hangings bring eye-catching art to windows and present an ever-changing show based on the light conditions outside.

Stained glass window hangings vary in size from small sun catchers to panels that fill up an entire window. Large panels may help hide an unpleasant view or ensure privacy. Unlike full windows with abstract patterns, stained glass window hangings are often scenic or pictorial.

High quality stained glass window hangings are heavy and should be supported by chains on hooks or stands. Suction-cup mounts are unreliable for even smaller hangings.

Many glass artists make custom stained glass window hangings from customer designs, as well as original designs. Some retailers offer stained glass window hangings styled after Tiffany designs. Pieces from glass artists are likely to be soldered stained glass mosaics.

For the do-it-yourselfer, craft stores carry stained glass window hanging kits.  These vary in quality from kid’s craft projects with melted resin beads to painting and staining kits with genuine glass. These are much less expensive than artisan glass work, but are prone to fading and flaking more than soldered stained glass.

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