Stained Glass Windows Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows add a colorful, distinctive accent to a home while protecting privacy.

Residential stained glass
Stained glass windows are not only for churches. The most common residential application of stained glass windows is in the entryways of homes. Stained glass window panels in a door, or on transom sidelights, beautify a front entrance, admitting light without compromising privacy.

Other uses for stained glass around the house
Stained glass windows are also used in bathrooms. Stained glass window panels make attractive cupboard doors in kitchens, too.  Consider using arched stained glass panes over bay window panels.

Ordering stained glass
The highest quality stained glass is custom made by artisan glaziers. These professionals may offer a design catalog or create a custom design for an additional fee. 

Cleaning stained glass windows
Stained glass windows should never be cleaned with ammonia-based window cleaners. Most stained glass windows require only periodic wiping down with distilled water to keep colors clear and bright. The exterior of a stained glass window panel may need cleaned more frequently than the interior.

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