Staining Concrete Floors: Mistakes to Avoid

The process of staining concrete floors is rather straightforward. However, some may tend to commit some mistakes. Here are some commonly made mistakes which you should make sure to avoid.

Lack of Proper Preparation

It is crucial to prepare the floor properly prior to staining it. Some primary mistakes include not cleaning the floor well and failure to remove any finishes, such as wax and sealer. Another mistake is to fail to make necessary repairs, such as filling up cracks or holes.

Selecting the Stain

Failure to choose a suitable, high quality stain for concrete is also a common mistake.

Preparing the Stain Adequately

Most stains will need to be mixed with water. Make sure to follow instructions carefully and to stir well. A common mistake is to mix the stain incorrectly, causing an unsuitable consistency to develop.

Application Mistakes

Common mistakes when staining concrete floors often include using the incorrect applicator. It is best to spray the stain. Although some use the spraying method, they tend to err by leaving it at that. Failure to use a broom to scrub the stain well into the concrete is another mistake. It is also a mistake to refrain from applying a second coating of stain within a short time-frame. Failure to do so will likely cause the stain to dry up in an uneven layering, with strokes here and there.