Staining Options for Quarter Round


Quarter round molding is a small kind of decorative molding that is cut at an angle to form a “quadrant” at ninety degrees, with a rounded surface in between. Quarter round can attach to flat baseboards or other areas to provide a nice round edge.

Staining Quarter Round

Those who are using this kind of decorative molding can buy it with staining and sealing agents already applied. Alternately, they come by this product without any applied stain and stain it before installing it. Or, if the quarter round is part of a multi-part molding, the builder can just stain it after it is in place. Some recommend using just a rag or a small roller to apply the stain evenly to the curved surface.

Materials for Staining Quarter Round

Do it yourselfers who are installing quarter round molding can use colored stains to match the rest of an installation. Some may put polyurethane or another sealer on top to provide a glossy finish and protect the wood from damage. There are many options for staining quarter round and other molding available at home improvement and hardware stores. Think about what best matches your project in terms of coloration and protection for high traffic areas.