Staining Wooden Porches: 4 Tips

Over the years the changeable weather can damage wooden porches, if you are looking to freshen up your porch floor, a brand new stain can help brighten up its appearance.

Tip 1 - Check your Wood

Check to see if your wood is ready to be stained by sprinkling a few drops of water onto the floor, if the drops soak through it is porous enough to absorb the stain. If the drops stay, you will need to wait a few more weeks to try the test again. Also check to see if any boards need repairing before you carry on the task.

Tip 2 - Choose the Right Stain

Wood varies in tone so you need to make sure you choose the most appropriate stain for your flooring. Stores will often provide you with swatches to help you match colours. Stain pigments are usually oil based which means the colour will dry lighter than it first appears, so try a sample patch first in an area that is not visible to see if it is suitable.

Tip 3 - Prepare your Area

To prevent stain damage, any furniture should either be removed or covered using plastic sheeting or cloth, applying tape to secure any coverings surrounding the porch. To ensure a neat finish, tape should also be applied where the floor and walls meet, preventing any splatters damaging your walls.

Tip 4 - Stain in the Wood Grain direction

Using smooth equal strokes you should follow the grain of wood when applying your stain to achieve the best results.